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The key to natural glowing skin starts with a remarkable skin preparation. Unsurprisingly, lots of people tend to skip this step as far as they are not aware of how essential it is to prep their skin beforehand. It so happens that when you bypass prepping the skin for makeup, you end up getting clogged pores and thus experience skin breakouts. Worse still, it can adversely affect the impression of your look and demand more touch ups all through the day. Hence before you wear any makeup products on your facial skin, it is important to care for the skin underneath. This is the top secret of a perfect long-wearing makeup application.


Start with applying a toner on your neckline and face, and then a moisturizing cream also applied on the facial area. It is necessary to check whether the skin is dry or oily and then get a face cream ideal for your unique skin type. A trip to a trained makeup artist can be very helpful since the majority of us do not accurately know what our faces need. If your skin is dry, you require an intensive hydrating facial skin cream.  However, an oily skin calls for a face cream that is oil-free.

Having applied the toner with a soft cotton pad, press your facial skin cream onto your facial area, be careful NOT to rub and lather it onto neck and face. Pressing will ensure you do not run off from the stack up of an excess cream and the ‘pressing motion’ would restore the flow of blood to the facial area providing you with a natural, youthful glow!

Spray the whole facial skin with Water Spray for further hydration. The liquid mist is a crucial factor to the appearance of ‘natural, spotless glow’ considering that whether your skin is oily or dry, the water spray joining your moisturizing cream naturally hydrates when it has to and absorbs oiliness when necessary as well. This one-step alters the way your skin looks the moment you apply make-up.

Once you spray the liquid mist liberally over face and neck, allow skin to air-dry for a couple of minutes while you dressed up. This hassle-free skin prep routine enables the face to feel and look fresh and hydrated and takes just about 3 minutes from start to finish.


With the skin nicely prepped, put on your makeup and be mindful to go lighter on the foundation and powder. With an effective skin preparation you won’t have to stack on the foundation, rather, it is more of spot-checking the facial areas that require help and gently dusting your fine-grained powder over those areas to put the applied makeup in place. This will create a lot more cosmetic appearance to your face before giving a finishing touch to the rest of your makeup look.

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