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Blog LEADER: Behind-The-Scenes | MAKING OF THE FILM‘THE LEADER’ is a short film that explores work space politics and the meaning of true friendship. Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage here before it launches soon! #WhyBeTowkayTanPosted by Why Be Towkay Tan on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 LEADER: Behind-The-Scenes | THE ACTORSFor the production of 'THE LEADER', we had the privilege of working with actors from Singapore, Germany and UK... not to mention a dozen of delightful kids from Cherie Hearts Preschool :) Watch the wonderful cast in an exclusive behind-the-scenes footage below!'THE LEADER', a short film on the topic of social integration launches next week.Posted by Why Be Towkay Tan on Friday, 3 March 2017

Work behind the scenes, it is interesting to view the behind the scenes film production. Most important is the result “The Leader” short film is launched .




Is your eyeliner smudge easily ? This is a common problem where eyeliner always smudge after 1 or 2 hours of makeup. There a few reason why your eyeliner smudge easily , one of the reason is you have an oily eyes lid compare to others. No matter what type of liner you used it, even you had chose the waterproof liquid liner , it is still smudging.

Here is a tip to minimise the chances of eyeliner to be smudging, you can use the eyelid primer as a base and set it with loose powder than you apply the waterproof liquid eyeliner. After applying the liner, you can use the eyeshadow powder to set the liner to fix the liner. That about it ! You will realise the liner last longer then before. Give it a try.

As for what kind of primer work better and what kind of waterproof liner work better for your ? I tested some of the primer and liners and almost all the Makeup artist singapore using it too , it is  Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion original. It work well for eyes shadow too and eyeshadow last longer than usual.  As for the eyeliner  , it is from Stilla , you can get it from Sephora singapore.













Makeup is unique to individual as we all have different features, different skin tone colours and different skin types. Have you ever tried applying your foundation and after 1 or 2 hour, your face start to look like a glitter ball ? what happen is by default , we will use the blotting paper to remove oil but this is not working as the skin will acknowledge that your skin is lack of oil and your body to produce more oil straight away.

As mentioned earlier , we all have different skin type so  you have to identify your skin type before you start to apply makeup. For oily skin type, you need to choose foundation that has the functionality to matt your skin and control oil. I tried many products and would like to recommend a liquid foundation that you can use for oily skin. it is from Urban decay all nighter (see the link below if you want to read more) , it is really matt and it ensure your makeup last whole day no doubt as i tried it myself and it works really well. If you do not want to have too much makeup on or just want to look super natural , then you can use compact powder from Makeup forever , this compact powder is able to give you sufficient coverage and you can always layer it for more converge. The amazing thing is ,it does not cake up your skin and it looks really smooth

link: liquid foundation from urban decay all nighter 

link: pro finish compact powder makeup forever singapore 

A bridal makeup look can be vary for everyone , some brides in singapore , they tend to prefer something that is more natural and clean but then yet they have to look beautiful and flawless . Thus, they are looking for makeup finishing that is not thick and dramatic.

Simple makeup application is a skill of a professional artist, this requires a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure every steps you do and application is to target the problem and enhance the feature of a bride.

A nude makeup look basically means that you does not feel the makeup is very thick and cakey after the makeup application and it feels good as you look flawless and fresh with a little touch of every part of your face. This is the truth, a lot of artist using the thick foundation straight away on the face, and to be frank, stick foundation or cream foundation does cover flaw better. Thus, it is a short cut and do not require any more skill to achieve the bridal makeup look.All you can see is the a lever of the canvas and like mention earlier, makeup look cakey and thick.

If you want to look for a trustworthy bridal makeup artist in singapore, please ensure the artists are able to do explain to you that what kind of makeup is suitable for you for your bridal actual day. If you are looking for a natural bridal makeup, please research more or ask more detail before booking for your artist.

When come to natural makeup , not every individual suit natural makeup , what i am saying here is if the bride has problem skin such as redness itchy sensitive skin, pigmentation , scars, then she needs heavier coverage .As a bridal makeup artist, we will always consult and communicate with our lovely brides and inform them the skin condition before  apply the makeup. The end of the day, artist only apply thicker foundation when needed because what we need to ensure is our brides look beautiful and flawless on her wedding day


Project head by our Makeup artist Michelle Chin, a makeup artist in singapore for toggle singapore , for the film Trapped Minds , main lead actress Ann kok celebrity in singapore, main lead actor chris lee from taiwan and also andee chen singapore celebrity , find out more about makeup services and contact us


Commercial work Makeup for Mac Donalds singapore , By Michelle Chin , makeup artist singapore 

Everyone can be a makeup artist in singapore here

The only question is , are you passionate enough to be one ? Passion makes you move forward to do things that you like. Granted, you will need to sacrifice a vast amount of time and effort. No man’s achieves success without putting in hard work. Lets start with a dream, a concept of becoming a professional artist, then follow it up with action.

In order to be a professional artist, you will need to meet some of these criteria:

  • Passionate

This quality enables you to do it without profit as a priority. Enjoyment of the job will give you enough fulfillment to allow you to persist through many obstacles.

  • Hardworking

In this day and age, who’s to say you aren’t going to encounter hard times? Resilience, determination and dedication are only some characteristics that will take you far.

  • A good explainer

Explanation. Whether it’s about what forms a rainbow, or the type of makeup suited for a specific skin type, this skill is crucial as it enables you to exemplify your deep understanding of the art. It reveals your vast knowledge, as well as allows you to become a good teacher.

  • Jumping at new opportunities

Going into new and unfamiliar situations are often unfavorable. However, an artist is often met with such everyday. When new chances to engage a customer emerge, an artist must be able to rise up to the challenge to try new things and seize the day. In addition to trying new things, you will also develop an ability to adapt to mutable surroundings.

Keep in mind, this is just the first move to achieving your dream.

And a move without hesitation is key.

“Love your work, have fun and enjoy the journey to success.” Michelle Chin, founder of MICHMAKEOVER

Make up Courses in Singapore by Make up artist singapore Michelle Chin. This is a makeup course that we organised specially for Basic Models Agency in Singapore for their models


Why do you need a professional Make up artist for makeup services in singapore ?

Pro makeup artist course available grant from Government  40% PIC claim , contact us

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