How to prevent makeup eyeliner smudge ?

How to prevent makeup eyeliner smudge ?

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Is your eyeliner smudge easily ? This is a common problem where eyeliner always smudge after 1 or 2 hours of makeup. There a few reason why your eyeliner smudge easily , one of the reason is you have an oily eyes lid compare to others. No matter what type of liner you used it, even you had chose the waterproof liquid liner , it is still smudging.

Here is a tip to minimise the chances of eyeliner to be smudging, you can use the eyelid primer as a base and set it with loose powder than you apply the waterproof liquid eyeliner. After applying the liner, you can use the eyeshadow powder to set the liner to fix the liner. That about it ! You will realise the liner last longer then before. Give it a try.

As for what kind of primer work better and what kind of waterproof liner work better for your ? I tested some of the primer and liners and almost all the Makeup artist singapore using it too , it is  Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion original. It work well for eyes shadow too and eyeshadow last longer than usual.  As for the eyeliner  , it is from Stilla , you can get it from Sephora singapore.













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