Michelle Chin, a makeup trainer based in Singapore providing a 1 to 1 makeup classes to everyone who is passionate to do makeup for themselves. Why do we learn makeup? Makeup enhance your features, enhance your eyes to look bigger, smoothen your skin with a little touch of products, giving you a glow, sharpen your features using proper contouring and highlighting technique.

The point is, we need learn the right way to apply makeup to enhance our features. Everyone can be beautiful which Michelle, makeup artist strongly believe. It is rather easy to apply it if you understand why and know how. Sign up now for your 1 to 1 makeup class. Michelle also offers 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 classes or even bigger classes. Please contact here for more details. Besides, Michelle is giving a  pro artist course if you keen to be a professional makeup artist in Singapore.

Some detail for personal class, the duration is 3 hour per session

  • Understand about your skin
  • How to choose the right foundation
  • How to conceal flaw efficiently
  • How to highlight and contour your face
  • How to enhance your eyes using eyes makeup technique
  • How to match the colour of your skin
  • Eyelash application

For more enquiries, please contact Michelle.

Here are some of the testimonies from our student.

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