Welcome to Michelle Chin Professional Make Up Artist Singapore career page !

Welcome to join us as a professional make up artist in singapore. If you decided to switch your career to this , i am sure this is a good decision as you found your passion into makeup. Makeup change my life and i am sure it will also change your life.

How to be a professional artist ? How long do you think you need to learn to be one of them ? How much do you think you can earn per month as a professional artist ? For now, i can only tell you that you write your own pay cheque and you are the one determine how much you want to earn as a professional artist. Before we talk about earning, we need to learn in order to earn. Skills is our assets, we need to educate ourselves and get the knowledge and practice it. Everyone is different, some artist required longer time to be professional artist , where some fast learner , they can be professional artist in 2 to 3 years time. Nothing come easily in this world, you need to have the right skill, right opportunities and right attitude to achieve success in your career.

Making a fast decision lead you to your goal. so start now and do it now. If you want to take a professional artist course, please contact me here for more detail

For a start, you need to learn the basic and if possible advance tips as well , best is you can sign up 1 to 1 or less than 3 students for a class so that you can really learn the most from the course. My course is consist of basic and advance tips skill set for new students. There are 10 sessions to cover from nude look to dark smokey eyes look. Lessons covered colour matching, 3 dimensional makeup , how to mix your own pallets , how to achieve using less makeup to beautify a person. Makeup is an art, embrace it and you will definitely enjoy every moment

Less is More, enhance your beauty !



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