What do you think a natural bridal makeup look should look like ?

What do you think a natural bridal makeup look should look like ?

by admin

A bridal makeup look can be vary for everyone , some brides in singapore , they tend to prefer something that is more natural and clean but then yet they have to look beautiful and flawless . Thus, they are looking for makeup finishing that is not thick and dramatic.

Simple makeup application is a skill of a professional artist, this requires a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure every steps you do and application is to target the problem and enhance the feature of a bride.

A nude makeup look basically means that you does not feel the makeup is very thick and cakey after the makeup application and it feels good as you look flawless and fresh with a little touch of every part of your face. This is the truth, a lot of artist using the thick foundation straight away on the face, and to be frank, stick foundation or cream foundation does cover flaw better. Thus, it is a short cut and do not require any more skill to achieve the bridal makeup look.All you can see is the a lever of the canvas and like mention earlier, makeup look cakey and thick.

If you want to look for a trustworthy bridal makeup artist in singapore, please ensure the artists are able to do explain to you that what kind of makeup is suitable for you for your bridal actual day. If you are looking for a natural bridal makeup, please research more or ask more detail before booking for your artist.

When come to natural makeup , not every individual suit natural makeup , what i am saying here is if the bride has problem skin such as redness itchy sensitive skin, pigmentation , scars, then she needs heavier coverage .As a bridal makeup artist, we will always consult and communicate with our lovely brides and inform them the skin condition before  apply the makeup. The end of the day, artist only apply thicker foundation when needed because what we need to ensure is our brides look beautiful and flawless on her wedding day

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