what kind of makeup products are suitable for oily skin?

what kind of makeup products are suitable for oily skin?

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Makeup is unique to individual as we all have different features, different skin tone colours and different skin types. Have you ever tried applying your foundation and after 1 or 2 hour, your face start to look like a glitter ball ? what happen is by default , we will use the blotting paper to remove oil but this is not working as the skin will acknowledge that your skin is lack of oil and your body to produce more oil straight away.

As mentioned earlier , we all have different skin type so  you have to identify your skin type before you start to apply makeup. For oily skin type, you need to choose foundation that has the functionality to matt your skin and control oil. I tried many products and would like to recommend a liquid foundation that you can use for oily skin. it is from Urban decay all nighter (see the link below if you want to read more) , it is really matt and it ensure your makeup last whole day no doubt as i tried it myself and it works really well. If you do not want to have too much makeup on or just want to look super natural , then you can use compact powder from Makeup forever , this compact powder is able to give you sufficient coverage and you can always layer it for more converge. The amazing thing is ,it does not cake up your skin and it looks really smooth

link: liquid foundation from urban decay all nighter 

link: pro finish compact powder makeup forever singapore 

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